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PCI is the most widely-used computer board form factor and bus structure in the world of personal computer technology. With the introduction of high-reliability systems and ruggedized packaging, the use of standard PCI edge cards has spread widely into the industrial and COTS marketplaces. Demand for functionality such as serial communications, field bus (CAN, LON, SERCOS, ARCNET, etc.), networking, analog and digital I/O, and motion control has increased.

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES is committed to expanding its support from PMC and IndustryPack to PCI form factor products and beyond. With our background and long-term experience in I/O solutions based on IndustryPack, PMC, CompactPCI, AMC, and VME standards, TEWS will grow the product range with the introduction of PCI modules.

Software support for major operating systems such as Windows XP/XPE/2000, Linux, LynxOS, Integrity, VxWorks, and QNX is available. All products feature a five-year warranty.

If you wish to inquire about converting the functionality of any of our PMC modules to a PCI design, please contact TEWS directly at our offices in Germany or the United States. TEWS works closely with OEM and government customers to deliver accelerated time to market, long-term product availability and comprehensive product lifecycle management -- from the design stage through manufacturing, testing and beyond to post-sales support.

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