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VMEbus technology is well-established for industrial applications and automation technology with high-security standards, infinite processor performance requirements, and real-time capability. A wide range of technical and commercial aspects have contributed to the unique success of the VMEbus concept. Among these aspects is the international open standard nature of VME, a mechanical structure based on classic 19-inch rackmount concepts, a choice of 3U and 6U Eurocard sizing, a wide range of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products, a wide vendor base, and continued improvement to the VME standard. After 25 years on the market, VME continues to be the bus of choice for many industrial, communications, and COTS projects.

Since 1985, TEWS TECHNOLOGIES has offered VME products. At that time, TEWSrecognized the need for a standard I/O product offering, and with Motorola's backing of the bus architecture, VME was the natural choice. Our experience in the modular I/O market grew from our work with VME. In addition to our well known modular I/O solutions, we offer VME IndustryPack carriers, VME PowerPC CPU designs, and general VME-based industrial I/O solutions.

Software support for major operating systems such as Windows XP/XPE/2000, Linux, LynxOS, Integrity, VxWorks, and QNX is available. For IndustryPack carriers and modules, TEWS has developed a layered driver concept that includes both a carrier driver layer and an IP module driver layer. All TEWS IndustryPack carriers are supported directly by the carrier driver, and a generic driver is included for integration of third party products.

All TEWS products feature a five-year warranty.

If you wish to inquire about custom VME designs, please contact TEWS directly at our offices in Germany or the United States. TEWS works closely with OEM and government customers to deliver accelerated time to market, long-term product availability and comprehensive product lifecycle management -- from the design stage through manufacturing, testing and beyond to post-sales support.

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