VME CPU Carrier


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TVME8400 PowerPC based CPU board with two PMC Slots
MPC8245 CPU: 300 MHz PowerPC G2 Core, 16 KB / 16 KB L1-Cache, four programmable timers; max 256 MB SDRAM (64 bit wide); Two 32-pin PLCC sockets for up to 1 MB firmware FLASH memory; 8 MB FLASH memory (64 bit wide); Two PMC Slots (32 bit, 33 MHz PCI) with VME64x P2 I/O; PCI Expansion Card Connector (32 bit, 33 MHz PCI, e.g. for using TVME230 IP Expansion Card or Motorola PMC-Span); Fast Ethernet interface (32 bit PCI DMA); 8 KB NVRAM/RTC (exchangeable battery); Two asynchronous RS232 ports; On board debug monitor; A32/D32/BLT64 VME bus Master/Slave interface with system controller function, high performance DMA supports VMEbus D64 and 32 bit PCI local bus memory burst, 4-Level requester, 7-Level interrupter and 7-Level VME bus interrupt handler; Operating temperature range 0°C to 55°C forced air cooling
 TVME8400 Data Sheet
 TVME8400-DOC User Manual for TVME8400

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